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100 pieces just in from this collection 12/12/14
(when the auction is back up after the new
software update, this great apparatus will start posting)

The Collection of Lawrence Colburn
We are handling the sale of this Collection

A variety of items from Vintage, Collectible & Other Apparatus,
Books, Lecture Notes and more!

We have started posting his items, which we have here in our
gallery, ready for shipment.  You'll find his lots posted under
the name  "mycollection"  in our regular
categories, under the appropriate headings!


Email:  -  Auction Phone:  (513)  720-8112

The Estate Auction of  W. Lee Ridenour

  Part IV  Coming up in January 

An online only Auction!

Part I (ended)  -  Part II (ended)  -  Part III (ended)  -  Part IV  (to be announced)

- Register & bid on line  -  phone bids accepted -

Low Starting Prices No Reserve Prices - No Buyers Fees (save 20%)

 Here are some of the Manufacturer’s you will see in this Estate

Several Automata Figures - Okito Maker - Okito/Redmon - Okito/Berg
Floyd Thayer - Petrie-Lewis - Abbott Mfg. Co. - Worth - Milson/Worth
Anverdi - Brema - Chalet - Cosmar - Danny Dew/Paul Fox - U.F. Grant
Haenchen - Himber - Klingl - Klingsor - Magic Sets - Edward Massey
Merv Taylor - Owen Magic - Rings ‘n Things - Silk King Studio
B.L. Gilbert - Books - Posters
and so much more!  109 pages of inventory


We are planning to upgrade to new software for the Auction!
This upgrade will cause us to close the auction on the 20th
of December for a period of about 2 weeks or less?

If you are going to bid and buy, please do this before the
20th.  If you are bidding on an item and it doesn't end on
the 20th, contact the auction (above), and we will work
it out for you!  Thank you for all your valued support!

Ron Allesi & the Auction Staff

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 Dec 13  -  11:30 am

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